what the heck is super moment?


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‘Wealth’ shouldn’t be a requirement to build wealth.
Super Moment was created to simplify the world of finance and empower anyone to do more.
Our goal is to deliver educational resources that are easy to digest and relevant. By increasing literacy and providing a structured path to personal finance, every individual can gain confidence and more importantly learn how to tailor general concepts to their own personal situation.
Well, on one hand, it has never been easier or cheaper to be a DIY investor. There is access to a trove of quality information, and there has been an absolute surge in financial innovation at the individual level.
However, two facts remain:
  1. If you want a strategy that is personalized, either a) you need to do it yourself or b) work with a financial advisor.
  2. The information age is a double-edge sword: the amount of information and new startups in this space can be paralyzing.
Super Moment addresses these truths by helping you become a savvy, confident investor by filtering the signal from the noise. Simple concepts and scripted exercises that anyone can do, resulting in a sound financial plan.
Why not hire a financial advisor you might say? Financial advisors are extremely effective and great options, but can be cost-prohibitive for the average investor. In other words, if you want to only invest $500, this won’t be an option.
What is a Super Moment?
There’s no real definition, but more of a feeling. Taking action (big or small), and realizing success. Moments when either of those things happen.
How did it begin?
Super Moment was started by Scott Janicek (aka me) as a passion project in 2020. Unhappy with the content and tools out there, Scott set out to deliver something different for the average citizen.

jack of all trades, master of a few.

About Scott.

About me.
I’m a self-taught investor and in the process of becoming a Registered Investment Advisor. I find the world of finance both captivating and humbling – understanding how economies and markets work is in many ways understanding how we (humans) work as well. Unpredictable, but always making leaps forward.
I also believe financial literacy is disappointingly low, and access to financial advice is not equitable. This is the general motivation behind Super Moment.
Personally, I’ve made all kinds of mistakes and learned many of these truths ‘the hard way’ over the last ten years, and now I hope to share this learning with a wider audience. Basically, I’ve lived and learned just enough to where I feel comfortable that the content on Super Moment won’t do anyone a disservice.
Apart from Finance, I’m a registered Architect in the great state of Arizona, an obsessive guitarist, and avid painter. For those curious, you can see more of my creative side at Ian Unfinished (@ianunfinished).
Cheers – thanks for reading!