First things first. Investing should be fun and not equitable to a trip to the dentist or trying to learn organic chem. It can be an overly complicated subject, but it certainly doesn’t have to be, particularly for the retail (that’s us) investor. 


The following learning modules try and embody just that. Simple and authentic information that is (hopefully) useful to you, helping you take actionable steps to do better with your finances.  The articles are succinct and focus on the meat and potatoes of what’s really important. Time is money right?

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Module 0

Why Investing Matters. An Intro. 

Module 1

The only way to win is one at a time. Know when it’s the right time to start investing. 

Module 2

Protect your goods with the right accounts: Conquer Roths and IRAs. 

Module 3

Never been a better time to take advantage of financial technology. Step right up and open an account. 

Module 4

Risk appetites and time horizons. Your investments shouldn’t keep you up at night. 


Key concepts for portfolio design and management. Learn ‘how the sausage is made’.  Not mandatory, but recommended. Get your nerd on. 

Module 5

Find your portfolio.   

Time to start building. Reference and follow along with our model portfolios.