Week of 11 JAN: Ideas

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Daily reflections on market news.

15 JAN: Visa and Mastercard down => could be a good opportunity to enter, thesis is stimulus will promote spending and paying off cards. 

BBBY => reversal from short squeeze…it’s a pretty bad company in the age of ecommerce. They are turning things around but a 45% jump this week feels shaky.

14 JAN: GME short bursting => should/could reverse tomorrow.

Biden giving economic speech and talk on stimulus today => 50/50 this will push averages up.

13 JAN: BMY starting to break. Has been significantly undervalued, so this may be time to get on.

12 JAN: 

  • Zoom issuing more stock => could be an inflection point to bounce back up. We’ll see. 
  • GM => launching Brightspot, commercial van EV solutions, last mile (getting ahead of change). This is definitely the place to be in auto. 
  • ARKQ => bought 1% fund of LMT yesterday, LMT has been on downtrend for almost a year, but this is a strong indication of a reverse.

11 JAN: Rising yields, steepening curves, and elevated inflation => bond prices will degrade, banks will rise.